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Best 5 Professional Make Up Tips

To look best for a special occasion, be it a party or a date, makeup is very essential. Some basic makeup is known to all. But to look perfect and gorgeous, you need to know some of the professional tips. These tips can really change your look a lot and enhance your beauty. Some of the best 5 makeup tips for you are: 

#1: Use Of Primer As Base

Often many people start makeup by applying foundation. It is wrong! It is very important to get a smooth base for the makeup. Primer should be applied in order to get the smooth base and this will also allow the makeup application to look smooth. Of course, the best way to apply foundation is by using a beauty sponge. This will give an even coverage and will not look odd.

#2: Apply Concealer

The foundation cannot hide the dark spots always. To hide those dark circles around your eyes or any dark spots on your face, apply concealer. This is a color correcting cosmetic which will help you to cover the dark spots and get an even skin tone. Naturally, you will look way better and fresher than before after covering those tired dark circles.

#3: Highlight The Cheeks

Applying blusher makes the cheeks look fresh and rosy. But do not overdo it or else it may look made up. It is very important to blend it properly after applying. You can use one of the best beauty sponge to blend it in the right way. Then use highlighter above the cheek-bones. This will make your skin look glossy and shiny.

#4: Eyes Are The Most Important Part

A good makeup on the eyes can change the whole look. So, make sure you show off your eye brows with the brow pencil. Also make sure that you are applying the eyeliner or eye pencil properly on both the upper and lower lid. Mascara can give that fuller and longer look to your eye lashes. This will make your eyes speak and look gorgeous.

#5: Lips

No makeup is complete without the lipstick or a lipgloss. Before applying the lipstick, dab some foundation on your lips with the beauty sponge and then lock it with the compact. Draw the lip line with a lipliner first and then fill the entire lip with the lipstick you have chosen. This way the lipstick will look great and also will stay for a longer time.

So, these are the most important professional makeup tips for you which will help you to get the best look for any occasion.