The Top 5 Makeup Tips You Need To Know

As girls, make up is a huge part of our routine when we're getting ready for the day. So why not pick up some tips on how to apply make up easier, better, and more effectively? Check out our list of tips and revolutionize your make up world!

The Top 5 Make Up Tips You Need To Know

1. Clean Your Brushes Every Time You Use Them

One of the top make up tips we can impart involves the tools you use to put it on. It's important to wash your make up brushes every time you use them. This gets rid of any old make up and cleanses them of bacteria that could make you break out. Wash your brushes gently in a mixture of warm water and a gentle soap after you use them and lay them out to dry on a paper towel.

2. Use A Sponge To Blend

Switching over from applying foundation with your fingers to applying foundation with a sponge may be the best makeup tip we have. Using a make up sponge with liquid foundation will allow you to have a smoother, more even application. Using a make up sponge allows you to gently apply makeup and press in, while using your fingers means that you have to push the make up over your skin and try to distribute it evenly. Switch to s sponge for blending-- you'll immediately notice the difference.

3. Use A Curler Before Applying Mascara

Many girls just take out the wand and start applying. However, there are always going to be certain lashes that are sticking out a funny way. Get your lashes into order by putting a lash curler to them! It'll make your eyes seem more awake and give you a more flattering canvas to work with. Just put around lashes and hold for about 15 seconds, release, and then apply the mascara. Use a blow dryer on them for 3-5 seconds, heating the curlers before use, for lashes that stay curled all day(and night) long.

4. Exfoliate Lips Before Applying Lipstick or Gloss

One great way to make sure your lips really look fantastic is to exfoliate them before you put on your lip color. It gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your lips seem smoother and plumper! You can exfoliate your lips easily by either using a toothbrush or making your own DIY scrub out of coconut oil and sugar. The sugar will exfoliate, while the oil will be an effective moisturizer and a great base for any lipstick or gloss you apply after.

5. Use White To Make Colored Lids Stand Out

There are so many great and colorful shadows and creams to take advantage of on the market these days! Don't let that vibrant color go to waste. If you're going to be using color on your lids, a white base applied beforehand will really make the colors stand out. Use a cream eye shadow pencil beforehand, then go ahead and apply that color.