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How To Get Great Natural-Looking Foundation

There's no doubt about it...

Makeup can be very fun to apply. If you're like most people though, you probably want your makeup to compliment your natural features rather than competing with them.

Cakey, streaky foundation can make your skin look rather harsh, and will make others wonder what you are so desperately trying to conceal. With the right tools, you can use this same foundation or powder to give your skin a natural-looking finish that won't look like a mask.

Best of all, the focus will be where it belongs - on your beautiful face!

Here's how: 

1. Choose the right color:  

This can be trickier than it sounds. Head to your nearest department store or makeup retailer; this step is best left for professionals, since less than 20 percent of women get the color right on their own!

If you must find your perfect foundation shade on your own, test the colors on the area of your face where your jawline meets your neck. The right foundation will blend with the skin and you won't see a harsh line.

If possible, find an area in the store with natural lighting where you can test the products - you'll see a very honest version of how the colors look on you.

2. Don't use your fingers!

After cleansing and priming your face, do not even think of applying foundation with your fingers. While it might look nice under the flourescent lighting of your bathroom, it will look uneven and streaky as soon as you step outside. It is best to use a make up sponge.

Rather than using the damp sponge to spread the foundation on your face, use a technique known as stippling, which means basically to gently bounce the sponge along your skin.

This deposits the perfect amount of make up - it will look just like a really perfect version of your skin. You'll have even coverage too, even in places like where the sides of your nose meet your cheeks or around your eyes. Apply any blush with a make up sponge too. 

3. Don't forget to go past the jawline...

Even if you've selected the perfect shade of foundation, it can still look obvious that you're wearing it if you stop the application around your jawline. Make sure that you use your make up sponge to go past this area and do the stippling motion on your neck as well. Since the neck is almost always overshadowed by the head, it is often a little lighter than the face and rest of the body. 

4. Apply concealer. - Be sure to apply concealer after you put on foundation. This actually helps you to use less of each product. After all, if you apply concealer first, then it requires more foundation to counteract its brightness.

Sometimes you'll discover that foundation provides enough coverage and you barely need any concealer at all! If you have blemishes that you are trying to camoflouge, use an extra small make up sponge to apply and blend the concealer seamlessly. 

Finally, add any desired eye make up or a simple coat of mascara, and you're good to go! You'll have flawless-looking foundation that really won't look you're wearing make up at all - you'll just look like you're having a really great day.