What's the Best Way to Apply Makeup - Fingers, Brush, Or Sponge?

Makeup has the power to enhance your natural facial features and unleash your true beauty when applied the right way. Applying a foundation is usually the primary step when putting on makeup, and this process itself can be confounding with the myriad of accessories you can make use of.

What is the best way you can go about doing it which can likewise bring out the most beautiful you? The contenders include powder brush, makeup sponge, or simply your fingers! Here are their main differences:

1. Fingers

You basically dot some foundation on various areas of your face that require it, then blend them away by stroking your fingers as you work your way around.

No doubt, this is most likely to cause streaks since they cannot stipple as effectively when using a brush, moreover cannot produce the evenness of a sponge. Unless you get really good at it, this may render an unsightly, uneven skin and can be really time consuming.

2. Make Up Sponge

An inexpensive yet great way for applying makeup that is designed for softening and blending edges seamlessly. It leaves no streaks behind and can be used whether wet or dry. There are various textures, colors, and fun shapes to choose from where there's bound to be one for every makeup enthusiast.

A makeup sponge is quite flexible and can easily reach challenging areas such as around the nose. It's as easy as sponging your way through a flawless and perfect finish that yields a gorgeous look right in time for any event, without having to deal with any mess!

3. Powder Brush

Using a brush is like painting your face, which must be done with careful strokes to avoid unwanted streaks. Sure enough, you've got to find a high-quality powder brush made soft and gentle on your delicate skin, but can be deemed expensive.

Routine maintenance must be in place, which means regular washing and cleaning and the more you must acquire one which is not cheap and easily loses bristles. Otherwise, you may find yourself dealing with clumps or falling brush hair during use which is really annoying.

Too much makeup would not be appealing at all and tend to cover up your attractive assets, whether mesmerizing eyes, a perfectly shaped nose, luscious lips, or high cheekbones. Your visage is the main highlight, which entails using the right tools for an elegant overall appearance.

Given the three options, it's remarkable how a sponge stands out and proves to be a wise investment of both your time, money, and efforts in putting on makeup for a fabulous you!